Japanese social recruiting site Wantedly has added new features to its empathy-building app Wantedly Visit to offer personalized content and let job-seekers scout job opportunities across the world.

The latest tab, called “Discovery”, personalizes content based on the user’s age, job type, and search patterns. Users can also look for jobs in other countries and receive notifications by changing the app settings.

Wantedly Visit lets users talk and listen to the companies they care about. Its web and mobile versions were officially released in Feb. 2012 and Feb. 2014, respectively. The iOS app was updated six months ago. The latest round of changes is for the Android version.

Tokyo-based Wantedly has been running its simple notification service (SNS) since 2012. It’s also available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Germany.

Other SNS jobs and social recruiting platforms in Japan include Digrow.jp, I-MyRefer.jpCashU.jp, Career.Line.me, and FreeCracy.com.

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