While several online marketplaces, including Naspers-backed OLX, have pulled out of Nigeria recently, MaketAam.com has launched with the aim of offering more than just a listing service. 

MaketAam co-founder Ejimnkeonye Dennismary said the site’s design and operations were designed to address the issue of trust in the market. Merchants, for example, need to use their bank details to verify themselves. The site only caters for new goods and no used listings are allowed. 

All payments are held in an escrow account until buyers have confirmed they’re satisfied with the product they recieved. In cases where a buyer receives goods but doesn’t respond, sellers are still guaranteed payment. A chat feature helps buyers and sellers communicate easily.

Many African classifieds have struggled to find a way to earn revenue from listings. Many resort to a freemium model while charging for premium listings. MaketAam charges a flat rate of $0.56 for every successful sale completed via its platform, regardless of the value of the item. Sellers, on the other hand, will be paying a percentage as commission.

MaketAam launched in Nigeria this month. It aims to expand to New Zealand and Ghana in the next six months.

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