Japanese flea market operator Mercari Inc. has decided to terminate its live video-supported trading service, known as Mercari Channel, from next month. The decision was taken to concentrate on improving the company’s core operations.

Mercari Channel’s snapshot

Tokyo-based Mercari was founded in 2013. The company is the c-to-c market leader in Japan with competitors including Yahoo AuctionsJmty.jp and Rakuma. It also operates in the U.S..

Mercari Channel lets buyers and sellers communicate with each other through comments and reactions. sellers can post live videos featuring products for sale. The service is scheduled to end on July 8, 2019. But, the termination schedule might be changed.

The shutdown aims to further improve the quality of Mercari’s operating services by reallocating management resources.

Mercari is eager to consolidate its businesses and double down on the markets and products that promise returns. The company shut down five c-to-c services last year: a marketplace for books, CDs and DVDs called MercariKauru; hyper-local horizontal Mercariatte; fashion goods flea market app MercariMaisonz; recommerce business Mercari Now, and skill-sharing service Teacha.me.

The marketplace reported an operating loss of ¥5.9 billion ($54.4 million U.S.) for the nine months ended March 31, 2019 — a more than two-fold increase over the previous year.

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