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Tokyo-based Internet firm SE Mobile & Online Inc. has launched a jobs search engine specifically for the nursing care industry at RKaigoKyujin.com

SE Mobile is a subsidiary of SE Holdings and Incubations (JPX: 9478). Founded in 1985, the company owns a rich portfolio of job verticals for paramedic personnel and nursing staff, including MTJob.jp for medical technologists, RTJob.jp for radiological technologists, CRCJob.jp for clinical research coordinators, CEJob.jp for clinical engineers, Eigokangoshijob.jp for bilingual nurses, DrJob-Arbeit.jp for doctors looking for part-time jobs, and PTJob.jp for physical therapists.

RKaigoKyujin.com lists jobs for nurses, midwives, care managers, nutritionists, care workers and all other professionals who belong to the nursing care industry. There is no cost for listing on the site, exchanging messages with the job-seekers, and lining up interviews. A job-seeker is charged only after getting a job.

Leverages Inc. and MyNavi Corp. also operate a score of job-matching sites for nurses and caregivers.