Rental parking app Akippa will kick-start a new periodical use service from next week to establish a long-term relationship between renters and landlords.

So far, Akippa allows online reservations for a minimum of 15 minutes on a daily basis. The regular use service lets users use parking lots that meet their desired conditions at lower prices on a weekly or monthly basis. The new matching function is scheduled to start from June 20.

Akippa Inc. has been operating with two offices in Tokyo and Osaka since 2009. It launched its app in 2014. The parking lot reservation app has more than 1 million members and offers parking spaces in more than 28,000 locations nationwide. It allows individuals to post and register parking spaces for free.

The company raised 2.4 billion yen ($22 million U.S.) last year through a third-party allotment of shares to seven companies including Japan Post Capital and Sumitomo Corp.

The major real estate verticals in Japan — and — also showcase rental parking spaces.

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