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Job sites’ operator MyNavi Corp. has launched a career bulletin to help recruitment and human resource professionals solve hiring and retention issues. 

The HR Trend Lab posts interviews with researchers who are studying HR and organizational activity, survey presentations, industry updates, columns, and viewpoints from academicians. MyNavi also runs a career bulletin for part-timers at Nalevi.MyNavi.jp.

Japanese online jobs advertisers are increasingly adding tools to meet the information needs of the corporate sector and job-seekers. Recruitment firm LiveSense operates a bulletin called JobsHilBiz focused on small- and medium-scale companies. DIP Corp. runs a career management bulletin Hakken for the construction and architectural industry. Social recruiting site Wantedly uses Business Insider Japan to disseminate job market information. Tech job start-up Joins-Job.com created a subdomain at StaffTalk to let employees share their personal working experiences with job-seekers.

Tokyo-headquartered MyNavi was established in Aug. 1973. The company owns and manages a job site for pharmacists at Pharma.MyNavi.jp and Kango.MyNavi.jp to connect nurses with employers. It also operates a career-change site at Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp, a temporary dispatch service at Staff.MyNavi.jp, a part-time job site at Baito.MyNavi.jp, a job site for the manufacturing industry at MyNavi-Seizo.jp and Athlete-Career.MyNavi.jp to connect athletes with sports businesses. The group owns and operates a real estate platform at Chintai.MyNavi.jp and a wedding site at Wedding.MyNavi.jp.