Japanese recommerce app Cash.jp has introduced an online barter system for customers who can now exchange unwanted goods for new products from the site’s partnering e-retailers.

This is a modern version of Cash.jp’s online-to-offline barter facility that was launched last year. Cash.jp will be involved in settlement through the payment gateway embedded on online shops.

The Cash.jp app was born in 2017 with a barter feature, which was common and had already been tried by the online flea market leader Mercari.

Cash.jp sticks to an “instant cash offer” on incoming products despite Mercari and Jiraffe gradually moving away from this business model.

The innovative barter facility will now give Cash.jp customers access to wider purchasing opportunities not limited to a single retail outlet, without spending money.

Rival online-to-offline recommerce site Oikura.jp (owned by Proto Corporation) allows users to sell unwanted home appliances to any of the site’s nearly 1,500 registered pawnshops nationwide.

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