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Tokyo-based research firm Oricon Inc. has issued its 2019 rankings of career-change sites in Japan, based on customer satisfaction surveys with more than 4,200 of their actual users.  En-Tenshoku (at Employment.En-Japan.com) clinched the first position, according to the survey findings.

Doda.jp of Persol Holdings ranked No. 2 and Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp came in third.

The survey considered five parameters: ease of registration, ease of search, usability, information, and search results. The survey asked 4,272 respondents to share their views on 24 brands.

There was a notable difference in the top three sites’ scores. Doda.jp scored more than the No. 1 when it comes to ease of search and search results. En-Tenshoku’s aggregate score, however, was the highest with 67.7 points. Doda.jp scored 67.3 points and Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp scored 66.87.

RikunabiNext scored 66.83 points to come in in the No. 4 position. BizReach.jp was No.5 with 66.8 points and HataLike.jp got 64.89 points. Recruit Holdings own both RikunabiNext and HataLike.jp.

This was the second year En-Tenshoku clinched the top spot.