I-Common.jp, a jobs referral site that connects retirees with employers, has launched independent officer-matching service to help companies improve compliance with corporate laws.  

I-Common.jp is owned by Persol Holdings Limited. Launched as a management advisory service in 2011, the specialized jobs site introduces former executives who’ve retired from big companies as executive advisors to new employers.

The new service reduces the risk of a mismatch by confirming the skills of independent officers — outside directors and auditors — through pre-approval trials. As of Mar., I-Common has a database of 2,000 pre-screened seasoned personnel.

Tokyo-based Persol Holdings also runs Persol-Career.co.jp/Biz/Executive for c-suites. The group maintains a rich portfolio of job-matching services. Eiicon.net connects business partners. WebAn.jp and Baito.Line.me are for part-timers. Doda.jp is a career-change information portal. Doda.jp/Challenge is for job-seekers with disabilities.

The company also owns a bilingual job site at Brs-P.jp and a job site dedicated to the fashion industry at Crede.co.jp. There’s a sports job site at Doda.jp/SportLight, an IT jobs site at TechPlay Career, a temporary jobs site for IT and manufacturing engineers at PersolTechnology and referral adoption site at I-MyRefer.jp. Job-hunting services for students include Campus.Doda.jp and Doda-Student.jp.

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