Madrid-based business-to-business recruitment portal has more than doubled its client base in the past six months. The firm now works with more than 1,000 companies, which it connects with recruiters who can offer vetted candidates. 

Founded by CEO Javier Puebla in 2017, Talentoo matches employers with recruitment professionals, rather than job-seekers. Recruiters then select and present their most eligible talent. This filtering means that employers receive an average of 10-12 resumes, instead of having to sort through hundreds of applications.

The business model is pay-on-results and, partially, pay-what-you-wish. There is a minimum fee which Puebla told El Referente was “much lower than the market”, but companies can choose what to pay above that.

This model is likely one reason Talentoo has enjoyed such rapid client growth in recent months. It eliminates the up-front cost of recruitment. Recruiters only get paid once a candidate has been hired, which is added incentive to provide strong candidates.

Recruiters benefit from this arrangement because it also encourages companies to pay more. The FAQs remind employers that a higher fee “will generate greater interest among the recruiters… you can also increase the percentage [paid] if you want to increase the interest of these companies”.

Talentoo earns revenue by taking an 18 percent commission on the final fee. According to Puebla, the company “covers its costs”.


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