Lawbasket, an online marketplace for Africa-based lawyers to offer their professional services to small businesses and individuals across the continent, has launched in Zimbabwe. 

The niche jobs start-up was founded by legal tech startup, Lexware Inc and lists legal service providers with specialty in dozens of matters including investment law, trademarks, property law, divorce, etc.

The site presents an easy-to-use, user-focused portal that allows users to filter the kind of lawyers they want on their case, choose the amount of time they want the lawyers to spend on the case, and determine the budget available.

“At LawBasket, our objective is to open the doors of opportunity and empower all lawyers determined to prove themselves globally whilst simplifying legal services delivery,” LawBasket co-founder Nyasha Makamba, said.

Since its recent launch, Lawbasket has garnered over 100 registered clients, 150 lawyers from more than 25 African countries offering their service in over 60 legal areas. According to Nyasha, the niche job start-up is “almost 10 times bigger than the largest law firm in Zimbabwe, and is a little shy of surpassing the largest law firm by lawyer staff strength, in South Africa and Nigeria.” 

The platform is run by professionals with experience across diverse fields. Morton Mabumbo, a chartered accountant handles finance and Destiny Samkange, a software engineer handles technology. Nyasha Makamba, a marketer with experience from the UAE, heads marketing and international business. The last is Simba Mubvuma, a lawyer, and one of four Zimbabweans listed on the 2018 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30.

Lawbasket is run solely on founders’ money and the business makes steady revenue from commission it charges on services, premium membership and processing fee for its payment platform, Lawbasket Payments.

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