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Tokyo-based leading ATS vendor HR Solutions has collaborated with a transportation company International Business Bus (国際興業バス) to launch an area-specific job-matching site for the passengers. 

Buschika.com lists more than 18,000 job offers from all major stations of the bus line. Passengers could find works in various categories at stores / companies located on their way. The site’s target market comprises of students, women and “freeters” — a Japanese nomenclature for people who choose not to work a full-time job.

The International Business Bus operates more than 750 local buses in northern Tokyo and southern Saitama areas, while it serves 250,000 passengers a day.

Established in Sept. 2004, HR Solutions owns and operates widely-used mid-career recruitment support and management system RecLog, a cloud-type recruitment management system for part-time hiring called Recop.jp, an employment support system Haisol and a part-time jobs site at GokinJob.net. It also runs SpoVol.net for sports industry’s jobs.

Buschika.com came up with an innovative business model to ease travelling concerns of workers. Job searches based on station map are, however, common feature of recruitment sites operated by Tsunagu Solutions Inc., DIP Corp.Recruit HoldingsPersol HoldingsMyNavi Corp.En-Japan Inc.Leverages Inc. and Zigexn Inc.

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