Evidently under pressure to keep up its market leadership amid heavy advertisements by a rival CarFirst.com, automotive marketplace PakWheels.com has introduced a new transactional service to directly involve in the sale process.

PakWheels.com’s new service, called ‘Sell It For Me (SIFM)’, dedicates a sales rep to each car signed up to the feature. The rep is tasked to take care of everything from attending calls from prospective buyers to negotiation on the seller’s behalf. The marketplace also takes responsibility of payment transfer. The SIFM ad is prominently promoted across the site and app.

The service costs one percent of the negotiated price in addition to Rs2,000 ($12.3 U.S.) as an upfront fee to a buyer. “If the car is not sold within 45 days, the advance will be refunded.”

Founded in 2003, PakWheels.com is the biggest auto vertical in Pakistan. The site saw 3.3 million visits in May, according to SimilarWeb.com. The site displayed 46,401 ads of used-cars when we last checked.

The PakWheels.com’s new service reminds one of CarFirst.com’s USP that ensures car sale to its dealers’ network after putting a vehicle through a thorough 225-point inspection.

OLX-baked CarFirst.com is aggressively using radio and TV commercials to boast its ability to sell used-cars quickly and at an appropriate price. General marketplace OLX.com.pk lists nearly 46,000 ads of used-cars.

The OLX-CarFirst is posing tough competition to the PakWheels.com — which too attracts individual buyers to its 194-point auto inspection checklist.

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