Japanese tech-focused staffing firm En-Japan Inc. has launched a talent management system to help the registered employers ensure optimum placement, prevent mismatch, and avert turnover. 

The next-generation Talent-Viewer – developed by Plus Alpha Consulting – supports human resource strategies based on management decision-making by executing measures from headhunting and placement to delegation of active human resources.

The talent viewer visualizes organizational status and issues, and provides improvement measures through personnel consulting. It also shows various summaries of skills and staffing through pie charts and heat maps.

The talent palette is an upgraded version of HROnBoard offered free of any cost by En-Japan to its clients. The tool predetermines staff turnover risks.

Tokyo-headquartered En-Japan owns and operates more than 10 job-matching sites and recruitment tools. These include WomanMart.jpWomen.En-Japan.comEmployment.En-Japan.com/WomanEn-Ambi.comEmployment.En-Japan.comMid-Tenshoku.comHaken.En-Japan.comHb.En-Japan.com, and CareerHack.En-Japan.com. The group also owns Vietnamese staffing firm Navigos Group, which operates job sites VietnamWorks.com and Primus.vn.

World leading matching platform Recruit Holdings also offers Geppo to help employers measure their staff’s satisfaction levels.

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