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Japanese career-change site Doda.jp has started API cooperation with cloud hiring management system JobCan to help recruiters improve efficiency of recruitment activities.

Doda.jp is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based staffing firm Persol Career Inc. It’s been in the job-matching business for more than 30 years. It operates mid-term recruitment support service DodaAssist to help recruiters centrally manage scout functions, email contacts, applicants’ information and hiring process.

Under the collaboration, companies using DodaAssist can benefit from JobCan’s services. Information of applicants can be integrated without hassle to reduce time spent on hiring. This will let recruiters focus on document screening, interviews, and post-recruitment follow-ups.

Doda also operates a job site for people with disabilities at Doda.jp/Challenge, job-hunting services for students at Campus.Doda.jp and at Doda-Student.jp, a recruitment support service at Doda.jp/Consultant and a jobs agent.

Its main competitors include Recruit Holdings’ Next.Rikunabi.com, MyNavi Corp.’s Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp, and Employment.En-Japan.com.