Zhao Peng, founder and CEO of Chinese tech sector recruitment leader Boss Zhipin (AKA, Zhipin.com), has disclosed that the company has begun turning a profit, with annual revenue now surpassing one billion RMB ($150 million U.S.). Zhao also reiterated the company’s plans for an IPO in the near future.

Boss Zhipin founder and CEO Zhao Peng

Boss Zhipin has been making strong inroads over the past 18 months, overtaking rival Lagou in terms of monthly site traffic. As of late 2018, the site has around 70 million registered users.

Despite not having completed a funding round since September 2016 but it’s still found the cash to make a major marketing push, including securing primetime TV ads during World Cup broadcasts (total Chinese audience of 623 million), and signing up actress and singer Chloe Bennet as the centrepiece of its latest advertising campaign.

Boss has proved creative as well as profligate when it comes to marketing, creating a company mascot “Zhi Zhi” — an “intelligent organism from a parallel universe” that has amassed more than 600,000 fans on Sina’s Weibo platform via a heavy dose of meme-led content.

Boss Zhipin is also behind China’s leading Glassdoor-clone, Kanzhun.com, which currently draws almost as much traffic as the Boss site itself. It’s pushing out into new arenas, including the service workers sector with Dianzhang.zhipin.com.

The Beijing-based company hired its first “chief scientist,” Dr. Xue Yanbo, in November. Xue heads-up the company’s newly-created Career Science Lab, an attempt to apply big data and AI technology to the task of helping China’s 600 million white-collar professionals assess their own career prospects, and to make informed career decisions.

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