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Characteristic-matching job site FutureFinder.net has made API cooperation with recruitment management system Sonar to enable the recruiters to centrally manage the applicants’ traffic. 

Tokyo-based recruitment support firm JAIC Inc. launched FutureFinder in Feb. 2016. The job site lets students appear in tests to identify personality traits and then find a matching employer in line with their characteristics, values ​​and strengths. The job site has more than 100,000 registered students and over 900 companies.

JAIC was established in Mar. 1991. The company also runs a job-matching site for college dropouts at Jaic-College.jp/Second, a women-oriented job site at Jaic-College.jp/Woman, a job site for inexperienced at Jaic-College.jp/Sales, and College.E-Jinzai.co.jp/Service/NewGraduate to connect fresh graduates with companies.

Under the business alliance, FutureFinder and Sonar are linked in real time, enabling companies to browse webpages, contact via SNS, and make reservations for company briefings.

HR tech firm IgniteEye operates Sonar. It also runs an applicant screening service Compass and a hiring advertisement service called Sniping. The latter facilitates targeted and direct recruiting, based on audience data like action and search history.

While there is a score of job search engines operated by Recruit Holdings, Persol Career and En-Japan Inc., students-focused MyNavi Corp. is a direct competitor of JAIC.