Dutch start-up Whoppah recently entered the classified playing field. With their slogan “first class in secondhand,” Whoppah focuses on interior design listings for everything from art and antiques to modern designs.

Thomas Bunnik 

The niche marketplace offers an app where design stores, artists and antique dealers can list their inventory.

Co-founder and CEO Thomas Bunnik said the vertical was inspired by climate change. “It is very easy to keep consuming. The upper side of society keeps going for the newest products because that is easy. I think that this segment has to adjust to the idea of recycling items.

“With Whoppah we want to set up a collection of interesting items which are beautifully presented. I think this will lower the threshold for this segment to purchase second-hand goods”.

Bunnik said a desktop version of the platform is on its way.  The Whoppah app started trending within its first few weeks of release and has already got 10,000 registered users.






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