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Naspers-owned OLX Pakistan has set up its first ‘safe exchange point’ to let individuals complete a trade transaction at a secure facility in public place.

The trading venue was established at a shopping mall in Lahore. Usually, buyers and sellers choose locations on the roadside to exchange goods.

“This ‘safe exchange point’ is an effort to further educate our users to do their transactions at a public place like malls and cafes,” Jawad Zeb, an OLX executive, said in an emailed statement.

OLX, a global marketplace owned by Naspers, has also established such exchange facilities in European countries. In Pakistan, the horizontal deals in 14 various categories.

More than 70,000 conversations take place on the platform in a day and 70 percent of the listed stuff is sold, the company says. OLX Pakistan generates more than 20 million page views in a day. Its app has been downloaded more than five million times.

The marketplace’s direct competitors are Bolee.com and Izloo.com.pk. OLX verticals compete with automotive site PakWheels.com, property site Zameen.com and job-matching site Rozee.pk.

In the U.S. and Canada, the AIM Group pioneered the use of police and sheriff’s office as safe trading locations, under the name SafeTrade Stations. Both Naspers-owned Letgo.com and independent, VC-backed OfferUp.com, have launched similar initiatives recently.

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