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Barcelona-based mobile marketplace Wallapop had its couture debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. The second-hand sales app collaborated with designer Maria Escote, who showed pieces made from recycled garments.

Fashion on Wallapop’s home page

Catalan designer Escote used clothing sourced from Wallapop to create a collection called “Walla Bibidi Babidi bu!” — a reference, of course, to Cinderella and her fairy godmother. The designer said her work focused on “recycling and creativity.”

A Marketing News report on the show noted that in Spain the average person throws away 14 kilograms of clothing each year, thanks in large part to the rise of inexpensive “fast fashion” that encourages people to continuously buy new clothes. Europe-wide, just 25 percent of textiles are recycled.

After highly publicized emphasis on its auto and real estate “verticals” it seems Wallapop is shifting — or broadening — its focus to include fashion and lifestyle. It held a workshop in Seville in May, to coincide with world recycling day, that featured advice on how to enjoy a fashionable yet clutter-free lifestyle.

Wallapop, which appointed CEO Rob Cassedy in September 2018, has experimented with a variety of revenue initiatives, including shipping and insurance for purchases. As of January 2019, earnings were up, though it was still losing more than it made.



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