Afringa, a professional networking platform for Africans, has launched its operations in Kigali, Rwanda. The site allows Africans to connect, network and apply for jobs or business opportunities in African countries. It was previously based in Frankfurt. 

Dubbed the LinkedIn for Africa, Afringa has connected more than 3,500 Africans to opportunities in more than 40 African countries. Its new Rwandan operations will be headed by community manager Sibomana Oemba Jean De Dieu.

The Africa-focused start-up was created by Victor Thein in 2017. It distinguishes itself from other professional networks by only focusing on Africa. 

The site employs video and machine learning technologies to solve two key challenges in African recruitment: fake qualifications and lack of education. Candidates are asked to introduce themselves using video applications. The site’s algorithm then suggests job listings and further education options based on the candidate’s location and qualifications. 

“We believe the African continent calls for its very own digital platform that simplifies the job application process and reduces costs and time for companies as well as candidates,” Thein said.  “Job-seekers benefit from great market transparency, making it possible to find jobs and contacts across the African continent.”

The World Bank estimates that100 million Africans are expected to join the labor force by 2035. This will lead to 1.7 million job changes and annually. Around 4 million new jobs will be created each year. Employment sites like Afringa should have no trouble growing in this climate.  

Afringa is free for job-seekers. Candidates can set up a profile to access job listings. Recruiter clients pay a fee to use the site’s recruitment services.

The startup won the Social Impact Lab scholarship, backed by JP Morgan, in 2017. Beyond connecting job-seekers with jobs, Afringa also connects entrepreneurs with investment opportunities in other African countries.

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