Jan Prokopec, former CEO of Blocket in Sweden, has started a new job as chief digital officer at ICA Gruppen AB, the leading retail company in Sweden.

Prokopec left Blocket in May 2018 and received severance pay of SEK1.8 million ($192,000) after his six-month notice period as an employee was ended. (Information about his severance pay was given in Blocket’s annual report for 2018 at Bolagsverket, the Swedish Companies Registration Office.) Schibsted, the parent company of Blocket, will publish its half-year 2019 earnings report on July 16.

Prokopec’s new company includes retail, ICA Bank, ICA Insurance, and Apotek Hjärtat, which conducts pharmacy operations. The group has had net sales of around 11 billion EUR in 2018 and around 50,000 people work in the ICA system.

The Blocket report at Bolagsverket showed the new CEO, Pernilla Nissler, has a six-month notice period for the employer or Nissler. In 2018, the number of employees at the company increased to 224, from 172 in 2017.

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