Japanese on-demand jobs start-up MeetsMore.com has raised Y500 million ($4.6 million U.S.) from three institutional investors and a third-party allotment of shares underwritten by individual investors.

The main investors include U.S.-based venture capital firm World Innovation Lab, Tokyo-based Angel Bridge and the Todai Fund. MeetsMore will use the funds to improve its matching algorithm and automate estimates.

MeetsMore was launched in early 2017. The website uses artificial intelligence for job-matching and offers real-time communication. It offers job opportunities across 190 categories, including photography, tax accountancy, and cleaning.

The gig marketplace has generated jobs worth Y6 billion ($55.5 million U.S.) since its launch. As of June 2019, the site has more than 70,000 clients who serve nearly 20,000 registered companies.

MeetsMore faces tough competition from CrowdWorks.jpLancers.jpPasona Job Hub, and WorkShift-Sol.com.

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