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No. 1 Japanese part-time job site TownWork.net has launched a three-in-one premium service that gives recruiters extra exposure through world-leading job site Indeed, a career page and space on its platform. TownWork.net is owned by Recruit Holdings

Starting from Y20,000 ($186 U.S.), the combo service automatically sends TownWork.net listings to Indeed. Companies can also create their own corporate career pages through a self-learning tool called JobOpLite.  The system includes 80 templates that convey diverse corporate images. Employers can choose one and create a customized career site within 10 minutes.

The job-matching site carries nearly one million listings. It saw 10.6 million visitors in June while competitor Baitoru.com saw 6.4 million and Baito.MyNavi.jp saw 4.2 million, according to SimilarWeb.

Recruit Holdings was founded in 1960 and operates at least 18 recruitment, auto, and real estate sites, along with dozens of staffing companies worldwide. Its domestic job sites include Next.Rikunabi.comFroma.comHaken.Rikunabi.comToranet.jpHatalike.jpCareerCarver.jp, and side-jobs site BizGrowth. The company’s international portfolio includes Indeed.comGlassdoor and Workopolis.com, CV site Resume.com, temp app Syft, and automated recruitment platform ClickIQ.