Temporary jobs app Job.Dmkt-Sp has crossed the one million registered users mark less than two years after its launch. The app is a joint venture between leading Japanese mobile phone operator Ntt Docomo and Zigexn Inc., which operates multiple marketplaces.

Launched in Sept. 2017, Job.Dmkt-Sp lets people search and apply for jobs with flexible working hours. Registered users now complete an average of 2.5 million jobs a month. Women in their 30’s and 40’s account for 60 percent of the recruitment vertical’s users.

Its competitor Career.Line.me has more than two million users. Other rivals include Baitoru, Baito.MyNavi.jpFroma.comHatalike.jpWebAn.jpBaitalk.jpJukunavi.comHanbai.inWorkgate.co.jp, SftWorks.jp, and E-Aidem.com.

Founded in 2006, Zigexn Inc. (TSE: 3679) owns a number of job verticals. These include a recruitment site for pharmacists at Yakuzaishikyujin-Ex.jp, a nursing career-change site at Kangokyujin-Ex.jp, a job site for part-timers at AruBaito-Ex.jp, a temp jobs site at Haken-Ex.jp, and a career-change site at Tenshoku-Ex.jp.

Zigexn also runs a used-car price comparison site and marketplace at Kuruma-Ex.jp, a car search engine at Kuruma-Ex.jp/UsedCar, and a used-cars exporting site at Car-Tana.com. It took over Yahoo Japan’s used-cars exporting site TradeCarView.com last year. In terms of property verticals, the company owns a used-apartments trading portal at Menoreno.jp and a rental property search engine at Smocca.jp.

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