Recruitment start-up has allowed job seekers to identify well-regarded career-change agents and recruiters based on their past performances. 

Number of private employment placement establishments has exceeded 21,800 in Japan. Until now, a job transfer agent’s individual skills, evaluations, and support for job seekers have not been exposed, and it has not been possible for job seekers to use them as the judgment criteria to select a job transfer agent.

It is, however, now possible to quantitatively determine the skills and compatibility of job change agents who can score up to five points. The score is calculated with a unique algorithm that integrates the amount of activity in Digrow and the evaluation based on Q / A with job seekers. Scores and word-of-mouth postings are reflected on the personal pages of career-change agents.

The latest function is in addition to a feature that helps job-seekers receive offers and advice from more senior workers using a simple notification service.

Digrow was launched as an agent service in May 2018. It is owned and managed by Tokyo-headquartered Internet firm Supership Inc., which was established in December 2007.

There are plenty of Japanese career-change job sites operated by the likes of Recruit HoldingsPersol Holdings, and En-Japan Inc.. But, the agent scoring is an innovative service that promises growth to the start-up career-change site.

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