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Job site JobStreet.com has announced a new collaboration with the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), whereupon the job vertical will look to analyze job trends to help fill roles in a more efficient way. 

The site is developing a survey aimed at helping the country to better adjust to developments in global demand and more accurately project demand and supply of talent.

Of particular interest are fluctuating occupations, including nursing which has shifted over the past three to five years, from an oversupply to an undersupply. 

Offering a long-term five-year outlook, researchers will study Filipino workers in the international market across various industries and assess the state of play.

Jobstreet Philippines Country Manager Philip A. Gioca told BusinessWorld “the problem with the Philippines is that when there is a low demand… people will produce so much. We need to have good calibration to (be in tune with) the world’s supply of talent.”

The report is scheduled for release six months from now.

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