Spanish real estate startup is pushing artificial intelligence with an AI-powered content moderation system that exceeds the capabilities of most established portals. Founder and CEO Sebastien Marion spoke to the AIM Group to explain how it works.

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Sebastien Marion, photo: LinkedIn

Marion wrote on LinkedIn that Kasaz’s system is “the most advanced moderation system in the real-estate industry — worldwide.” Using AI and various API integrations the site can:

  • Analyse text quality to ensure that it meets our standards
  • Rewrite the text automatically if we think it requires to
  • Extract meaning and amenities from the text
  • Analyse photos to detect the type of room, furniture, etc.
  • Verify the address given to us and the location against the land registry to detect inconsistencies
  • Avoid duplicates
  • Raise alarm if we have seen these photos in another property

These features help Kasaz deliver its core promise: duplicate free, legitimate listings.

Marion (LinkedIn profile) told the AIM Group that the content moderation system is 100 percent proprietary, and has been in development since the company was founded in 2017.

Kasaz studied its human moderators to find out where they spent their time. The company’s team of three developers then created tools to address the problems. “We prioritize things based on value versus build time,” Marion said. The most challenging part, he said, is analyzing photos, a process which they continue to perfect.

The system is near to total automation, meaning it will only flag problems that require human intervention. This will allow Kasaz to manage its nationwide-expansion with a team of just 10 people.

Since its inception, it has won over 200 real estate agency clients, and built a portfolio of 5,000 property listings across the country.


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