Passive jobs app has introduced a unique talent hunting tool that helps employers understand candidates’ behavior characteristics that are difficult to be identified in their work history and during interviews.

The new system is powered by Miidas competency diagnosis that evaluates job aspirants from 41 various angels across four main parameters, such as creative thinking and problem solving ability, vertical relationship aptitude, stress factor, and management qualities.

Miidas enables companies to directly approach the people they want to hire. With a one-year fixed-price service, the number of jobs that can be posted and the number of offers that can be distributed are unlimited. Since its release in Nov. 2015, the recruitment service has been used by more than 50,000 companies. Job candidates can also diagnose their own market value based on data – experience and skills – of three million people.

The recruitment site is owned by Tokyo-based HR firm Persol Holdings Limited, whose main job-matching services include dispatch job site, career-change site, part-time jobs site Other part-time job sites include is for those who look for flexible working. is an anonymous career-change consultation service.

Persol’s main competitors include Recruit HoldingsEn-Japan Inc.Interworks Inc.MyNavi Corp.DIP Corp., and

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