Kenya and India-focused jobs recruitment site Shortlist has rolled out an improved candidate chatbot feature on its site to aid employers and applicants in its recruitment process.

With this new feature, employers can now tailor and automate their hiring process as they like on Shortlist by inputing key metrics to gauge a candidate’s fit for advertised roles. Shortlist then takes these metrics to arrange chat questions for candidates in an interactive format reminiscent of WhatsApp.

According to a statement from Shortlist, this new feature was created to ease the challenges candidates face during the recruitment process.

“We try to understand our candidates as people — what they love and hate about job applications, what aspects of the process stress them out the most, and what they’d love companies to do differently. We took all of this into account in creating our new chatbot.” 

The new feature empowers employers with more flexibility and customization options while presenting a more interactive, immersive and user-friendly platform for candidates.

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