A host of job verticals operating in the Commonwealth of Independent States have implemented updates to keep up with local job-seekers. Since employees from this region are changing jobs more often, sites like Work.ua, HeadHunter, Rabota.md, Praca.by have to make sure they’re meeting users’ needs. 

The No. 1 Ukranian job site Work.ua has structured its listings by breaking jobs down into sub-categories. Each sub-category carries a brief description along with average salary and the number of listings available in the section.

The site’s new “The Trust Week” initiative allows recruiters to use Work.ua’s services for a limited period, on condition that they pay later.

No.1 Russian vertical HeadHunter has extended the ClickMe targeted advertising system to its app, increasing the number of users exposed to “hot vacancies”.  Around half of the site’s visitors access the platform via its mobile app.

HeadHunter has also updated its autosuggestion tool. The site now immediately suggests relevant resumes to recruiters based on the listings they post. These suggestions were previously only available the next day.

The No.1 Moldavian recruitment site Rabota.md has added a host of new subcategories like “Procurement”, “Seasonal summer jobs”, “Jobs for people with disabilities”, “Jobs for retired people” and “Volunteering”.  

The site has also launched a blog to answer job-seekers’ burning questions, address social issues and share information about local culture.

Praca.by, the No.3 job site in Belarus, has introduced a new tariff plan. It includes three standard packages and two premium options. 

First-time paying clients can get one premium listing and access to the site’s resume database for free, for one day. Recruiters get access to the resume database for one week when they buy a premium listing.   


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