Staffing firm Persol Holdings Limited has decided to terminate the oldest Japanese part-time job site WebAn. Constantly falling profitability and fading competitive advantage are two reasons for the decision.

The WebAn brand dates all the way back to 1967. Today, the site carries 390,426 listings. Its largest threat carries 734,342 while carries 208,899 listings. Other part-time job sites include,, and

WebAn is scheduled to go offline completely from Nov. 25, 2019. No contracts will be renewed after Sept. 20. But, Tokyo-based Persol continues to serve the part-time job market through its other adverting businesses like, a part-time job app powered by Line; on-demand matching site;; and part-time job management service Sync Up.

The personnel involved in the WebAn business will be reassigned — mainly to mid-career recruitment site

Persol Holdings maintains a rich portfolio of job-matching services. connects business partners. is for job-seekers with disabilities. is a job-matching site for c-suites. There’s a bilingual job site at, and a site dedicated to the fashion industry at The company also owns a sports job site at, job-hunting services for students at and, and an IT jobs site at TechPlay Career. There’s a temporary job site for IT and manufacturing engineers at is a referral adoption service. There’s also a jobs referral site that connects retirees with employers at

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