On-demand job app Sharefull has introduced three new functions: attendance registration, salary calculation, and advance payment. The move is intended to improve the efficiency of labor-related work that afflicts recruiters and personnel.

Sharefull will manage the performances of workers based on its system, while payroll, income tax, and surcharges will be calculated and salaries will be transferred on a client’s behalf. Its prepayment service will allow salary payment before the payday.

Tokyo-based Sharefull is a joint venture between staffing firm Persol Holdings Limited and gig economy-focused Lancers Inc. The site has amassed more than 30,000 registered users since its launch in January.

Job sites’ operator DIP Corp. also runs an on-demand salary service Banq. Sharefull’s main competitors, however, include crowdsourcing company Crowd Works, Pasona Job HubCoconala.comWorkShift-Sol.com, and MeetsMore.com.

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