British real estate vertical Zoopla has unveiled a new digital sales prospecting tool for agents to target audiences on social media.

The tool, AdReach Express, uses Zoopla’s own data on its users, which is then analyzed and used to identify agents and the locations they operate in on FaceBook and Instagram to help them win more instructions.

It’s automated entirely on Zoopla’s own platform, including personalized adverts which, Zoopla says, lets agents easily and cost-effectively alter their target audience and messages.

The company’s specialist team has designed adverts which agents can use for social media advertising. If a potential customer clicks on the advert, they reach a bespoke chatbot that starts to communicate with them to capture the lead, which is then automatically sent back to the agent.

Zoopla said agents who have used the tool during product development have seen an increase in leads and engagement. The tool could also mean agents can reduce external marketing costs. Further benefits, according to the company, include leads sent directly to an agent’s CRM, reduced administrative costs and the fact that it helps agents track lead conversions more effectively.

“AdReach Express successfully drives leads and increases engagement, helping agents win more vital instructions,” CEO Charlie Bryant said. “Our continued investment in technology and product is crucial as it gives us the ability to provide the most relevant tools at the best value for money for our agent clients.”

Zoopla launched a dedicated mobile app last month.


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