Carbazr, Nigeria-based brick and click automotive marketplace for locally used cars, has opened three franchise outlets in Lagos, Nigeria. 

The company is the retail arm of vehicle inspection and auction site Cars45. It opened its first franchise outlet in partnership with HC Autos, a long-standing Cars45 dealer client. The second and third outlets were opened in partnership with indigenous vehicle auctioning business, Ltd.

Car45 previously owned all Carbazr’s lots and had been the sole source of its inventory. The franchise with HC Autos and Ltd, however, presents an opportunity for Carsbazr to furnish its customers with a more diversified and robust inventory of cars.  

This arrangement presents a win-win deal for both local car dealers and Carbazr. Both businesses will feed off each other’s strong points. Carsbazr will help local car dealers build trust by providing a standard inspection report on properly verified vehicles from its franchises. 

According to a statement from the company, the new franchises will enjoy and reflect all the values and supports that Carbazr embodies.

“What we are rolling out is transparency to the car selling process, driving affordability in a way that says ‘there is a car for every wallet size’, and lastly, delivering great consumer experiences that are consistent with what you’ll get at any of our retail lots across the country,” head of operations John Egwu said.

The company hopes to have 50 franchise stores in place by the end of the year.  Cars45 has been making giant strides in improving its service offering to users. It recently partnered CFAO Motors to push their new Suzuki cars to the Nigerian market.

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