Global brands like McDonald’s, L’Oreal and Unilever have begun working with Chinese c-to-c marketplace XiangWuShuo by participating in the cashless platform’s free giveaway promotions. According to China Daily, more than 2,300 brands (mostly from China) have now sent new products as gifts to users on the app.

XiangWuShuo currently has more 80 million users, with new user growth surpassing even the company’s own expectations. As recently as September 2018, XiangWuShuo founder and CEO Sun Shuo stated that the 80 million user-mark would only be reached in 2020.

Much like American website Listia, XiangWuShuo doesn’t allow the trading of goods for Renminbi; only the exchange of “little red flowers” — the platform’s fiat currency. Users are encouraged to think of themselves not as buyers and sellers, but as givers and receivers of gifts. Items are listed with the desired number of flowers for which it would be exchanged.

XiangWuShuo completed a series B+ funding round worth $50 million U.S. in August 2018. It was the start-up’s fourth major funding since it was launched at the outset of 2018. It’s the 19th ranked mini-program overall in China, and third among e-commerce sites, according to Alibaba-created mini-program analytics site It outperforms better-backed rivals, including‘s Zhuan Zhuan.

Earlier this year, XiangWuShuo launched a new nationwide advertising campaign fronted by Canadian-Taiwanese superstar Eddie Peng

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