African marketplace Jumia has sealed a deal with Vivo Energy — which operates more than 2100 Engen and Shell-branded gas stations across Africa — to use its locations as user engagement points.

Under the deal, the network of service stations will serve as pick up and drop off points for Jumia users, allowing them to collect or return online orders made on the site. Jumia users will also be able to place and pay for orders at some of the service stations. This will help attract some of the tech-averse locals who need hand-holding to adopt online transactions.

“We are constantly looking at how we can further adapt our technology to be a part of the local infrastructure and become more accessible to more customers,” Jumia executive VP of marketing Boris Gbahoue said.  “We are confident that their retail network will enable Jumia to conveniently deliver products to current and new customers, including in remote areas.”

Gbahoue said the company will continue expanding its brand partnerships to diversify its product offerings. 

Jumia operates in 14 countries across the four regions of Africa. The Vivo Energy partnership works well for Jumia as its network of 2,100+ service stations operates in a total of 23 countries evenly spread across North, West, East and Southern Africa. Jumia will be able to reach more remote areas and grow its brand power thanks to the partnership.

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