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Property start-up InSupeKaitori.com has tied up with Century 21 to build a platform for selling detached houses on a real-time basis to registered merchants.

Under the agreement, InSupeKaitori will connect its sellers with 950 members of Century 21 Japan, who are ready to buy houses, faster than any other conventional property-matching site.

InSupeKaitori.com was launched by Tokyo-based Non Brokers Inc. in Jun. this year. Its registered buyers have an annual buying budget of Y90 billion ($849.4 million U.S.). Founded in Dec. 2015, Non Brokers also owns and operates a property inspection application InSupe and a property assessment comparison site InSupemart.com.

Century21’s merchants can bid for properties listed on InSupeKaitori.com. The site assesses market value and issues diagnosis reports free of charge. A seller can compare bids and finalize a preferable deal without any brokerage fee — which is usually 3% of the property price plus Y60,000 ($566 U.S.).

Launched in the U.S. in 1971, Century21 has more than 9,400 member stores in 80 countries around the world. It landed in Japan in 1983.


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