Vostok New Ventures continues to invest in classifieds. Its H1 report reveals that it invested $3.3 million in exchange for a 28% stake in the luxury goods marketplace James Edition.

Vostok´s most recent investments after the sale of Avito have gone to AI-driven health service provider Babylon and the mobility sector with investments in companies like Voi, BlaBlaCar, and Gett.

One of the reasons for the investment in James Edition is that it’s now run by Eric Finnås who used to run the general goods segment at Avito. In other words, the Vostok team know him well.

Cars and Real Estate are James Edition’s most popular classified categories. The site was founded in 2008 and operates internationally. It has an affluent audience of 25,000 daily visitors who shop for cars, real estate, watches, helicopters and jets, according to Vostok’s H1 report. The site currently lists more than 100,000 items for sale and Vostok calls it the world-leading luxury goods marketplace.

The James Edition investment was one of Vostok’s smallest in Q2. The company also spent $16 million U.S. on Cairo-based SWVL, which connects commuters with bus lines via an app.

Russian e-commerce logistics operator Dostavista recieved $11.6 million while Swiss Grace Health recieved $1 million.

Classified investments now stand for only 16.1% of Vostok’s total portfolio, with a total net asset value of $698 million. This value increased by $112 million in Q2, but this growth came from holdings outside the classified sector.

Vostok New Ventures has revalued its Hemnet holding by 29% after comparing it to peers like ImmobilienScout24, RightMove and REA Group. The comparison leads to an EBITDA multiple of 21.4. The increase is driven by higher multiples in the sector. Vostok’s 5.9% stake in Hemnet vertical is now valued at $18.3 million.

Vostok’s full H1 report includes valuable information about the development of classifieds worldwide. Read more here.

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