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 U.S. +1.407.788.2780     Germany + info@aimgroup.com

Adecco.co.jp, a Tokyo-based subsidiary of Adecco Group, has launched consulting services to help small- and medium-sized enterprises tackle labor shortages with modern tools.

Adecco has been focusing on large businesses in Japan and this is the first time it’s targeted SMEs. The company is offering education and training programs to help smaller firms use its extensive database effectively.

Adecco operates a dispatched labor service Modis.jp, a general temporary job site at Haken.Adecco.co.jp, a regular job site at SpringJapan.com, and a job site for fresh graduates at Campus.SpringJapan.com.

Zurich-headquartered Adecco Group operates in 60 countries and regions. The company’s main competitors in Japan are Interworks Inc. and Human Resocia Inc.