Wanted Lab Inc. has rebranded its jobs referral site ReferMe.jobs to Wanted in Japan, in accordance with its regional brand name.

Asia-focused multi-lingual Wanted is also live in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. The names of both the site and the company have been changed in the latest rebranding.

More than 5,000 recruiter clients are registered with the company. When the job site was developed in Japan, it was named ReferMe as a part of a localization strategy. Referrers earn reward from the platform after hiring of job applicants. The reward can be up to Y100,000 ($938 U.S.) for certain job switches.

While listings are offered for free, the company charges a hiring fee of 20% of the employee’s annual income. This is much lower than the global average of 30 or 40%.

Wanted raised $9 million U.S. last month to bring its total investment up at $19.4 million U.S.

Japanese CashU.jp also promises cash for job profiles. Other referral adoption services include I-MyRefer.jp and Wantedly.

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