Kelly Services, America’s oldest temporary staffing firm, has tied up with gig marketplace Moonlighting on a new professional profile tool, underpinned with secure blockchain technology.

Kelly will now have access to the tool, which allows job-seekers to create trusted work profiles that can be transported from one freelance marketplace to the other.

Kelly, founded in 1946, hopes the blockchain tool will help it keep pace with modern developments.

“Mobile technology, self-service, and the platform economy are all priorities for the modern workforce; and with data privacy emerging with an ever-increasing focus, we expect blockchain technology to offer even greater opportunities for a more efficient and secure process in the upcoming years,” John Healy, VP and MD of Kelly’s Office of the Future of Work, said.

Moonlighting, founded in 2014, is a virtual freelance marketplace that claims 750,000 users. It has raised $6.3 million in venture capital, according to CrunchBaseInvestors include the FinLab EOS VC Fund, backed by FinLab AG and one of the largest companies in blockchain and the publisher of the blockchain protocol EOSIO.

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