Temp-focused HR tech firm Zeku Inc. has integrated online interview tools into its recruitment management system to ease financial and time burdens for job-seekers and employers, reducing man-hours at temp agencies.

Established in Jan. 2004, Tokyo-headquartered Zeku Inc. runs a recruitment performance management system dedicated to the dispatch and call center industry. Applicant data from various job sites and aggregators are automatically imported into the cloud on a regular basis and can be managed centrally.

Around 300 employers have implemented Zeku’s recruitment management system. All the prominent staffing firms — including Recruit Holdings, Persol Holdings, Human Resocia, and Google for Jobs — are indexed with the system.

Zeku has integrated three online interview tools: Harutaka, Interview Maker and VCube. These support online interviews with job-seekers in remote locations. They also support interaction outside of normal working hours.

Harutaka is owned by Zigexn Inc., which operates multiple auto, jobs and property sites. It’s also used by job site Persol Technology and recruitment management system JobSuite. Interview Maker facilitates interviews anytime, anywhere with a smartphone or PC. It has been introduced by 1,000 companies. VCube offers high-quality, low-latency, and secure video and audio communication which can be developed and embedded in a short time.

Other major operators of recruitment management systems in Japan are applicants tracking system vendor HR Solutions and HR tech firm IgniteEye.

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