Recruitment companies make a big deal of the “frictionless” transaction. But in the case of high-turnover jobs, friction might be a recruiter’s friend, according to Indeed.

The recruitment giant has introduced a product to assist in the organizing of in-person “hiring events,” which Indeed describes as being like job fairs, but involving just a single employer.

When it comes to high-turnover jobs — like warehouse workers or truck drivers — or positions requiring a standard certification — like nurses or accountants — employers who recruit online are often inundated with loads of applications, many from only marginally interested candidates. 

As a remedy, Indeed suggests holding in-person hiring events, which by their nature screen out disinterested candidates. They allow HR staff to quickly sort through those who do attend, not only by their resumes but according to their personalities, communication skills, and experience. 

Indeed’s event tool, now in beta mode, allows employers to advertise their open positions, attract candidates to the event with an invitation and text reminders, and then track event attendance and results. 

The company notes that although hiring events are a good way to quickly fill high-volume positions, they are less practical for positions that require extensive skills testing and credential checks, such as doctors or software engineers.


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