Temp jobs app Job.Dmkt-Sp and on-demand job app Sharefull have agreed to exchange short-term work listings to address local labor shortages.

Launched in Sept. 2017, Job.Dmkt-Sp is a joint venture between leading Japanese mobile phone operator Ntt Docomo and Zigexn Inc., which operates multiple marketplaces. The app lets people search and apply for jobs with flexible working hours. Registered users now complete an average of 2.5 million jobs a month. Women in their 30’s and 40’s account for 60 percent of the recruitment vertical’s users.

Tokyo-based Sharefull is a joint venture between staffing firm Persol Holdings Limited and gig economy-focused Lancers Inc. Sharefull has listed 18,000 offers from more than 1,000 companies since its launch in Jan. 2019. It has more than 30,000 registered users.

Other popular temp job sites in Japan are Career.Line.me, BaitoruBaito.MyNavi.jpFroma.comHatalike.jp, Baitalk.jpJukunavi.com, Workgate.co.jpSftWorks.jpHanbai.in, and E-Aidem.com.

Founded in 2006, Zigexn Inc. (TSE: 3679) owns a number of job verticals. These include a recruitment site for pharmacists at Yakuzaishikyujin-Ex.jp, a nursing career-change site at Kangokyujin-Ex.jp, a job site for part-timers at AruBaito-Ex.jp, a temp jobs site at Haken-Ex.jp, and a career-change site at Tenshoku-Ex.jp.

Zigexn also runs a used-car price comparison site and marketplace at Kuruma-Ex.jp, a car search engine at Kuruma-Ex.jp/UsedCar, and a used-cars exporting site at Car-Tana.com. It took over Yahoo Japan’s used-cars exporting site TradeCarView.com last year. The company owns a used-apartments trading portal at Menoreno.jp and a rental property search engine at Smocca.jp.

Lancers Inc. operates a freelancing site Lancers.jp, an IT-focused freelance matching service called LancersAgent, and a professional freelance job-matching service at Lancers.jp/Pro.

Persol Holdings maintains a rich portfolio of job-matching services.

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