“Research shows trust levels from speaking to customers are 20 times higher than through completing a contact form.”

Frank Froux, CEO of matelso GmbH

Frank Froux

Frank Froux (LinkedIn profile), the CEO and founder of Matelso GmbH, will be speaking at AutosBuzz.com (upcoming in London 17-18 Sep). He’ll be presenting alongside Isabel Steiner, the CTO of CarForYou.ch and AutoRicardo.ch. The two will talk about the benefits and best practice for using call tracking and creating a new classified portal: CarForYou.

“AutoRicardo.ch is a service provider of call tracking products to help clients run a better business and improve transparency, trust, branding, etc. We started the business in 2006 but it has evolved a lot since then.

“We will talk about our past and current projects, the success we have had, and share data from AutoRicardo. We will also cover what we want to do with CarForYou and talk about our call tracking business and technology.

“We want to show what advantages a system like ours can provide in areas like transparency, trust, working with clients, reducing churn rate and the advantages available to brands through placements. We want to share best practice and show ways to more effectively manage the relationship between the seller and the platform.

“Call tracking is important for portals selling cars because calls are the best and easiest way to contact the seller — but many portals don’t track them. Tracking emails is easy because it’s part of the online world, but phone calls, which are the best way to convert leads, are offline.

“Portals have little control over this touchpoint. They don’t know how many calls they receive, for example, how many got answered, or their duration. Furthermore, they can’t control, monetize and brand this touchpoint.

“Our product fits into this niche and helps sellers and platforms form better relationships. Our product helps portals control, track, monetize and brand calls to classified websites.

“When you can control the call, you have the freedom to build and sell products on top of it. You can, for example, offer clients different possibilities for forwarding calls to separate destinations, depending on the time of the day.

“When staff members are on lunch breaks or traveling to visit clients or even when they are at home, you can offer solutions to change the destination the calls are forwarded. The idea is to not miss any potential leads.

“Our dynamic car tracking product helps to optimize performance marketing campaigns to better understand what drives valuable leads. We look at clients’ individual requirements and build what they need on a bespoke basis, alongside our SaaS products.”

What recent developments has your business been through?

“We have been able to manage a step-by-step process of improving our product. This has helped us become a provider for the Scout Group. We are now active in 70 countries and have a global reach, which means we are really involved on the ground and aware of the latest industry developments. We have many projects worldwide, across Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

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In Germany, there’s been an explosion of new car classified sites emerging, like Auto1 and HeyCar. This is good for us as a service provider because it adds more clients and stimulates the market.

“Emerging sites are open to new ways of operating and can quickly make decisions about adopting services such as ours to help their business.”

What new challenges do you face?

“Another factor in the German market is Facebook Marketplace. We think it is strong in the small ads sector and in some cases, we see it outperforming EBay Classifieds here. As a generalist site, it attracts lots of people, they have the reach and the resources to try out different things.

“Another challenge we face is finding the right candidates when we want to take on new employees.

“In Europe, call tracking services have become a basic requirement, but there are many other markets with lots of potential growth to expand and meet new challenges. We want to review the process of contacting sellers on classifieds through new communication forms to enter these new markets.

“If smaller companies want to challenge bigger companies, they need call tracking because it’s an important touchpoint. Smaller companies are often more nimble, can start new projects quicker and make decisions faster. These are all elements that can combine to give them a competitive advantage.

“We hear a lot that calls are dead and nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore. But studies prove the amount of calls is increasing. The main reasons for calling instead of typing a message while on the phone is that it’s easier, more efficient and you get to know the person who wants to sell to you.

“Research shows trust levels from speaking to a customer through a telephone call is 20 times higher than through completing a contact form. This shows the importance of not missing a call to increase the chance of a sale.”

AutosBuzz 2019

Frank Froux is the latest in a series of interviews with speakers at the AutosBuzz.com conference in London on September 17 – 18. Frank is CEO and founder of Matelso GmbH and is regarded as the founder of modern call tracking technology in Europe.

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