Recruitment giant has introduced an offline service to complement its online products.

It has begun to hold in-person hiring events in the U.K. to make it easier to hire large numbers of staff for multiple positions. It says the hiring events can perform candidate prescreening and the initial interview all at once.

The service, Indeed Hiring Events, allows employers to organise and market recruitment events so they can focus on hiring and not on event management. The service creates an event page, advertises the event online, manages registration of candidates and tracks registered candidates.

It aims to counteract the extra work the internet provides for some types of recruitment and is in response to employer concerns about receiving too many CV’s, which take time to sift through and the further resources required to organise interviews and train new staff in roles in warehouses and similar workplaces.

Hiring events are promoted on Indeed’s website and texts and email reminders are sent to potential candidates. This allows hiring teams to prepare an event based on estimated candidate turnout. At the events, employers are introduced to candidates and can then track and ensue they are qualified when the candidate signs in. Employers can follow up with candidates they are interested in later.

The new service works well for entry-level positions, basic service roles or roles where applicants need a basic certificate showing they are trained to do the job, because these candidates and their qualifications can be quickly scanned and initial candidate numbers reduced. Jobs that require careful screening or expert training are recruited for separately.

In recent months has strengthened its technical products through the acquisition of ClickIQ and Syft by its parent company Recruit Holdings Co Ltd.



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