Allegro, the largest marketplace in Poland, will launch the new platform for private users from September 16.

Individuals will be able to list their offers on the new platform free of charge in the form of auctions and with the “Buy now” option. The commission for both types of listings will be 10 percent but no more than PLN50 ($12.6 U.S.).

Private users will also be allowed to list their stuff on Allegro’s main platform in accordance with applicable fees but only until January 2020. After that time both platforms will be separated and Allegro’s main platform will be for companies only.

You will have an option of highlighting your listing for 10 days for PLN 4.99 ($1.3 U.S) if you choose AllegroLokalnie only, and PLN 19 ($4.8 U.S) if is included as well.

There will be no real estate and auto offers on from September. These categories will be on Allegro’s main platform only for now.

Allegro received a massive 208.1 million visits to its desktop and mobile websites in July, according to SimilarWeb. Competitor and Naspers-owned saw 134 million visits during the same month.

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