HeyCar, the German automotive vertical that launched last month in the U.K., has signed an agreement with Cap HPI to supply it with data services, including a valuation tool and finance calculators.

HeyCar will also receive a vehicle provenance tool, a VRM lookup and other automotive data services to help give customers more accurate information when choosing a car. HeyCar said the information would fit its strategy to increase trust and transparency in the U.K. used-car market.

HeyCar was launched in Germany in 2017 by Volkswagen Financial Services with financial backing from Daimler. It only sells cars less than eight years old, with fewer than 100,000 miles. Cars are bought from a network of registered and approved dealers, are quality checked and have a warranty. It charges dealers per lead rather than per listing.

“HeyCar is already a key player in the German automotive market after a short period of time and it’s great to partner with the brand as it looks to make its presence felt in the UK market,” said Ian Denny, head of digital media at Cap HPI.

HeyCar launched in the U.K. on August 14 with a TV advertising campaign.

“Cap HPI provides a range of data and technology services that are unrivaled in terms of accuracy, which is a major consideration for us as a progressive business with a strong focus on providing quality used cars for consumers,” said Ed Stafford, CTO of HeyCar.

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