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CarWow Germany has appointed Andreas Balzer as new head of OEM. Balzer will focus on expanding CarWow’s business with car manufacturers, the autos marketplace said.

Balzer will be tasked with the integration of car manufacturers’ leasing and financing services into CarWow’s website. He will also work on online campaigns and establish new business areas that center on data-led topics. In his last position at Audi, Balzer worked as an executive assistant to the sales director for China.

Philipp Sayler von Amende, managing director at CarWow Germany, said Balzer’s sales experience at Audi will benefit the company from a strategic and operational perspective.

“We work closely with our car dealers to maximize customer experience when it comes to buying new cars online. We also focus on improving collaboration with car manufacturers, making us an effective marketing partner for both car dealers and manufacturers. Andreas Balzer comes into play with his OEM experience and his expertise in future retail,” said Von Amende.

CarWow is headquartered in London, where it launched as a car review aggregator in 2010 before expanding its marketplace services to Germany and Spain. According to the company’s website, CarWow has secured a total of £48 million ($59 million U.S.) from venture capitalists. The company employs more than 150 people.